Transforming communities for good

'Brilliant Communities' is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Its aim is to transform communities by engaging people in positive thoughts, actions and habits.

We are experts in happiness.
Working with...

  • Schools
  • Local communities
  • Health service

Making the world brilliant, city by city

Our teams have worked with schools and communities across the UK. Our approach is often 'bottom up', using schools as the starting point.

We train young people in 'The Art of Being Brilliant' and empower them to design and deliver their own positive curriculum across their school and community.

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Brilliant Nottingham

Andy Cooe at Brilliant Nottingahm

Running from January 2013, Brilliant Nottingham is working closely with Schools in Nottingham to inspire the children of Nottingham to live a more brilliant life.

Support us in transforming communities.

We are seeking corporate sponsorship to help transform society through our BRILLIANT conferences and workshops. We need funding to help with venue hire, training, coaching and travel.

With your help, we are able to reach communities that have slipped through the net.

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