Our vision

Vision: To transform lives.

Purpose: To enable businesses to invest in projects that have massive societal benefit. We jointly raise community aspirations and your company profile.

Reason: Some questions...

Question 1: What do parents want for their children?
Answers (in priority order) 'Happiness', 'A good life', 'Confidence', 'Health' and 'Contentment'

Question 2: Ask the same parents, 'What do schools teach?'
Answers (in priority order) 'Maths', 'Knowledge', 'How to pass exams', 'Literacy' and 'Subjects'

Transforming lives

There is a clear mis-match between what schools teach and what parents desire for their children. Schools are generally very good at delivering 'syllabus' but much less so at embedding subjects that come under the 'wellbeing' umbrella, such as 'happiness', 'confidence', 'positivity', 'personal responsibility' and 'self-esteem'. Yet it is these that make a well-rounded, socially responsible citizen.

The UK has tens of thousands of brilliant children. It also has a significant hard core of young people who are disengaged from school and society. This amplifies the need to engage young people in positive habits. We cannot order children to be positive about their potential. Likewise, we cannot command them to respect themselves and their communities.

But, through engaging with our workshops, we aim for the realisation to dawn and for habits to change.

What is clear is that the current approach isn't working. We need something different.

Something engaging.

The way we go about it.

There is not 'one best way'. Our interventions are unique, imaginative and impactful. We use community conferences, group training, individual coaching and a whole-school or whole-family approach.

Our interventions are always designed to provoke positive actions and thoughts as well as bags of fun.

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